Our Work


The war in Ukraine is a tragedy of global proportions. Most missionaries and local pastors have evacuated or relocated to safer areas in the western part of the country. We support those working close or behind the conflict zones, both international missionaries and the local Christian body, in an effort to relieve suffering and share the Gospel during these unique and challenging times.

We have been involved in delivering supplies, caring for orphans, training frontline Christian workers, aiding refugees, evacuations, ministering to soldiers and evangelism.

Northeast and Central Africa

The northeast quarter of Africa has been a spiritual battleground for the Judeo Christian faith since ancient times. Tribalism, Animism, radicalized Islam, political unrest, Ebola, famine and poverty are just some of the obstacles that confront the Gospel.

We support international and grassroots missionaries in this region in church planting, evangelism and in spreading the Gospel and love of God through several humanitarian relief efforts. We also support efforts to carry the Gospel to restricted nations.