Our Origin Story

“Help me Holy Lord, I see the light of heaven’s porch, But so many of us are born here, outside your chain link fence.”

— John Mark McMullen.

We are Sal and Heather, the founders of Borderlands International. Over twelve years ago we knelt before the Lord together and committed our marriage, family, future and dreams to God. It was the night that we made a very intentional decision to live 100% sold out for Jesus.

That same night we prayed, “Father, if there is anywhere You need the Gospel to be carried and others are unwilling to go, send us.” Since then, God has been faithful in answering that prayer. Whether sharing the Gospel with unreached tribes in the jungle, helping prostitutes get off the streets in Panama or playing in the dirt with orphans in the world’s largest refugee camps, we often find ourselves looking up and saying, “God, there’s no road map here and everyone is telling us this is impossible!” Through simple faith and obedience, we have seen God move mountains. What an awesome God we serve!

The vast majority of our time in the mission field we are working in partnership with the local grassroots body of believers. As we began launching those we’d discipled into the ministry of the saints, and as more believers started to take on a shared vision with us, we began to realize that God was doing something bigger than our family. We started to see the need for an organized close-knit fellowship of believers that were radically committed to the Word of God and willing to say “Yes” to Him no matter the cost. We also realized that we needed to do something to connect those in the West to the wonderful saints we work with from all over the world so that between us we could share resources and encouragement.

And that is how Borderlands International was born. Because our vision is to reach the most challenging places with the Gospel, we felt that the borderlands metaphorized our calling. In an earthly sense, the borderlands are typically more dangerous and challenging to thrive in. Lawlessness and crime tend to plague them. Some of our work, both with refugees and trafficked people, has taken us to these borderlands. During times of war, it is these lands and the people who reside in them who’s citizenship is contested. Spiritually speaking, we are expanding the Kingdom of Heaven on earth by invading territory controlled by the enemy. As the quote by CT Studd states, we want to snatch souls from the doorstep of Hell and deliver them to Christ Jesus who brings them into the Kingdom of Light.

Although we have been missionaries for over a decade, Borderlands International is a young organization. We are excited to see how our Lord will use it to unite and edify His global church and to further His kingdom work.

For more information about Borderlands and our missionaries, or to find out how you can financially partner or get involved with us, please contact us at borderlandsint@gmail.com.

Thank you for visiting our site today. May our good Father bountifully bless you and yours.

~Sal and Heather

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